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Firstly register an account by providing your e-mail address and password. Please ensure that your e-mail address is correctly entered as this will be used for all administrative matters, including password retrieval and notification of expired subscriptions. To register a new account, click the "Register" menu option in the menu bar shown on the left-hand side of most pages (including this one).


Logging in to your account in the Exam Centre allows you to view your list of subscribed exams and past exam history. To begin one of the listed subscribed exams, click the "Start" link next to the exam title. If an exam has been previously started but was not completed, the answered questions and time period used will be saved allowing the exam to be resumed at another time. Simply click the "Resume Exam" link to continue answering the exam questions.

You must be registered with an account before you can login.

Once you have an account, you can login by clicking the "Login" menu option. Alternatively, you will be prompted to login the first time you attempt to access a resource accessible only to account-holders.

Activate subscription

To activate the subscription for a mock exam, you will require the exam code, and your unique subscription code assigned to that exam. If you have purchased a product containing a subscription, contact the publisher for assistance in locating your subscription details. Alternatively, if you have purchased the exam subscription directly from Garner Press, the codes will be e-mailed to you on completion of the purchase.

To activate your subscription you must first have registered an account. You can then either:

  1. Login to your account then select the "activate a subscription" link from your account homepage.
  2. Or, from the homepage, enter the subscription details in the "Promotions and New Subscriptions" box and then login when prompted.